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Bonefish will take you to the spot where Columbus potentially first set foot. A setting unaccountably locked in time; see it through historical eyes, for Hawkes Nest Anchorage remains as it was that fateful morning: a safe harbour, unchanged and evocatively beautiful.

*”Diario“ ~ The only version of the diary of Columbus’ voyage, is the one transcribed by Bartolome de Las Casas in the 1530s.When the winds blow west-north-westerly, as they were, approaching Landfall, the only safe harbour in Grand Turk is on the island’s south-eastern shore at Hawks Nest; within this area, **“there is depth of water and room sufficient for all the ships of Christendom” **“Diario”

​​​Christopher Columbus set sail from Europe on the evening of August 3rd, 1492, in search of a new western trading route to Asia. With the support of the Spanish Crown, and the promise of lucrative rewards, the 42 year old Genoa navigator, had big dreams.

After a 5 week voyage chasing the easterly trade winds, land was sighted in the early morning of October 12th, a continent previously unknown to Europeans, the New World or the Americas. Known by its Lucayan inhabitants as Guanahani, the island was swiftly claimed and renamed San Salvador by Columbus on behalf of Spain. 

​​The iconic explorer’s *”Diario” makes reference to the unusual wind on that day - the distances by sea to near-by islands - the 

physiology of the land and its indigenous people - all compelling validation that Guanahani, San Salvador and Grand Turk are one and the same.

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“there is depth of water and room sufficient for all the ships of Christendom”​​​